League of Kalimdor II

Gameplay modifying mechanics

1 - the Sorcery  Talents

Unlike in any other moba/aos, in LK II there are is available the Sorcery Talents system.
Spellcasting in this AoS is extremely vital and can turn up the tide of war upside down in an instant. The skills that require targeted foes or any active item with the same condition will give your hero a chance to trigger the Sorcery Talents, applying one of the debuffs mentioned in the picture above.

The duration of those buffs lasts randomly between 1-3 seconds and the damage is dealt based on the hero's main synergy stat. The Synergy Stats are a modification of the normal attributes, coming up with useful improvements for any hero.

Most of the spells, both single targeted and area of effect type are modified by these Synergy Stats and grow stronger as the hero becomes stronger. That means, supportive heroes can keep up in late game with the other heroes as their spells will deal more and more damage.

2 - the League Builders

Each player has access to a League Builder. A mystical constructor that can build enchanted towers, regenerative shrines, protective shelters and even deadly mechanisms that can destroy the opponents. Such construction costs a several amount of gold and power points but in certain cases is very important to have one of them.

3 - the Arcane Bank

Something that  you rarely see in any AoS. The Arcane Bank in League of Kalimdor 2 is a very useful thing. It can help you trade resources in and between. Boost your hero, increase the stats that it lacks the most and even trade some for another. Check the image nearby.