League of Kalimdor II


Combat mechanics

LoK II is an AoS mod for Warcraft III, which uses the same system similar to the one of DotA and any other AoS, in LoK II there are 2 teams consisting of 5 players each that use powerful and various heroes to battle and succeed in destroying the enemy's principal structure (The Summoner).

With a lot of unique and innovative items, each hero can become stronger and improve its spells by buying the right items. It comes with unique heroes, a lot of attractive items and a beautiful terrain. There are currently 216 heroes, all pick mode.

Heroes in LoK 2 are mostly classified as: Tanks, Carries, Assassins, Rangers, Supports and Spellcasters, depending on their skills and the fusion between their affiliation points.

Choose a hero from your respective altars field, farm creeps, buy items, kill enemy heroes, help your team to advance to the enemy base. Towers and creeps grow in armor and attack damage at every 3 minutes. The creeps's HP increases too. Once a Generator is destroyed, in that lane will still spawn creeps for the respective base. The game is over once the Sky Summoner is destroyed by The Underground Force or when the Underground Summoner is destroyed by the power of The Sky Force.