League of Kalimdor II

Story Line

Story Line

Ten thousand years ago, an elven couple gave birth to the next guardians
of this dimension. Named Adrian and Alexen by their parents, these children were abandoned
intentionally on the sacred fields of Kalimdor. The boys grew up with the creatures of the forest, learning from various masters and
tribe rulers. At the age of 15, Adrian and his younger brother, of age 13, started a long journey throughout the whole Kalimdor territory, in search for new warriors that might teach them how to
improve themselves. Although Alexen was not very pleased about this, he followed his elder
brother and stood by his side the whole time.

After 4 days of searching, they decided to stay awhile and rest near a magical oasis of a nearby cavern. During the night, Adrian felt something strong emanating from the cavern. Waking up his younger brother, they both ventured into the dangerous cavern. At the end of the cavern, they found the ruins of a fallen city, a relic of the past. Yet, its magical essence was still emanating so much energy that only by standing near it, they felt stronger. The night passed and both Adrian and Alexen could not sleep a moment. They were totally amazed by the city. Adrian decided to rebuild the city from its
ruins and become its ruler. A place for him and his younger brother, where they could be safe. And so, they started working day and night for the next 3 weeks, when the city was finally reestablished.

But what is a city without people that live in it? Using special portals to access other territories in Kalimdor and even dimensions, Adrian and Alexen invited different people of various races, eventually growing up as a large family that was living in the wondrous magical city. They were even able to find their parents. When they firstly encountered their dad, none of them knew what kind of race he is, since their night elven appearance was received from their mother. Called Nadrex, their father gave the mythical weapoins to Adrian and Alexen. The Sacred Warglaives to Alexen and the Diffusal Blade to Adrian. His younger son decided to name the city, Nadrex, to honor his strong father. With each passing day, the city grew and grew even more, eventually establishing two strong citadels for both Adrian and Alexen.

The Sky Force Kingdom was ruled by Alexen and the Underground Force Kingdom by Adrian. With these strong pillars, the city would always remain stable and functional. They trained soldiers and various wizards to always be ready to defend the city against any threat.
The emanating core of the city that was forbidden to be touched possessed a strong curse that one night caused Adrian to unconsciously come in its presence and touch it. In that moment, the maddening curse possessed his body and mind, turning his sanity into something that this world had never seen. Remaining still a night elf by his look but with a strange essence of blight on him. He became mindless and forgot about the true purpose of this city. Soon, he silently killed both of his parents without his younger brother noticing this. He spared him, to have to opportunity to end his life in total pain only after they fought until their last breath.

Alexen felt the cursing grip that took hold of his elder brother and tried to cleanse the curse from him, but was everything in vain. His older brother was no more the one he once knew. The moment he was attacked by him, Alexen knew he had no chance to take his brother down alone, so he turned the Sky Force against Adrain and his Underground Force, giving birth to this war that might never end...